Thursday, February 12, 2015

James Blood Ulmer: America - Do You Remember The Love?

James Blood Ulmer: America - Do You Remember The Love?
All compositions by James Blood Ulmer
  1. "I Belong in the U.S.A." - 6:40
  2. "Lady Blue" - 6:17
  3. "After Dark" - 6:18
  4. "Show Me Your Love, America" - 7:24
  5. "Black Sheep" - 3:44
  6. "Wings" - 5:31
James "Blood" Ulmer - guitar, vocals
Bill Laswell - 4, 6 & 8 string basses
Ronald Shannon Jackson - drums
Nicky Skopelitis - 12 string guitar, banjo
Bernard Fowler, Fred Fowler, Muriel Fowler - backing vocals

Recorded at the Power Station, Quadrosonic and RPM, New York City in 1987

Blue Note ‎– BT 85136, 1987

24/96 LP transfer, V0 mp3 download
Ulmer-AmericaDoYouRememberTheLove[RPM2015].zip 66.9 MB

24/96 LP transfer, 24/96 FLAC download
Ulmer-AmericaDoYouRememberTheLove[RPM2015][FLAC].zip 658.8 MB


  1. Not his strongest, but it has the Laswell cross-appeal. Overall, I'd say an "OK" album that was available as CD for about 20 minutes some 20 years ago. Glad you made a new rip, porter_esq. Thank you!

  2. merci, muchas gracias, spaseba haroshaw... no more babies falling down, love all around Danke!

  3. Wow! Just discovered your blog. Thanks for all the Ornette/Blood/RSJ etc.

    Hoping you might post these OOPs in the near future:

    Thanks in advance

    1. Check here for "Part Time":

      Maybe Dustin will re-re-up it if you ask him nicely.

  4. I grabbed the MP3 version from there awhile. Was looking for a FLAC upgrade. Did not know it has since come out on itunes. Thanks -Otto-

    1. The strange thing is that "Part Time" was a Rough Trade release (and so was the 12" maxi featuring the same design but different group), and it seems that now Celluloid has bought or just claimed the rights. What are you gonna do... Too bad that most Rough Trade releases remain OOP since basically forever.