Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Complete Masada on DIW [1994-98]

MASADA -- DIW, Japan 1994-1998

MASADA Vol 1 ALEF (DIW-888) 1994
MASADA Vol 2 BEIT (DIW-889) 1994
MASADA Vol 3 GIMEL (DIW-890) 1994
MASADA Vol 4 DALET (DIWS-3) 1995
MASADA Vol 5 HEI (DIW-899) 1995
MASADA Vol 6 VAV (DIW-900) 1996
MASADA Vol 7 ZAYIN (DIW-915) 1996
MASADA Vol 8 HET (DIW-925) 1997
MASADA Vol 9 TET (DIW-933) 1998
MASADA Vol 10 YOD (DIW-935) 1998

John Zorn - alto sax
Dave Douglas - trumpet
Greg Cohen - bass
Joey Baron - drums

Few bands are as career-defining as MASADA. Radical Jewish Music which made for a radical re-invention of Zorn's output, drawing on every influence and outlet he had over the next 25 years to develop the three Masada Books, and a monumental slate of classic recordings.

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