Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Frank Zappa - The Old Masters, Box I

Frank Zappa - The Old Masters, Box I

  1. Freak Out! [2-LP]
  2. Absolutely Free
  3. We're Only In It For The Money [remix]
  4. Lumpy Gravy
  5. Cruising With Reuben And The Jets [remix]
  6. Mystery Disc
Barking Pumpkin BPR 7777, April 1985

Two years ago I posted my 1966 mono Freak Out! so I thought it would be a good time to delve a little deeper into the highly ambient domain of FZ mixes and masters. Here we have Frank's 1985 7-LP box of "Old Masters"including the first five Mothers albums and a Mystery Disc of, at the time, previously unreleased early material. While some albums contain their original mixes, Money and Reuben infamously have new 80's bass and drums overdubs and other chicanery. It is all quite fascinating.

You should certainly check out the current crop of 2012 Zappa remasters on CD and 180g vinyl. Then you should compare them to these. I'll post Boxes 2 and 3 eventually.

24/96 LP transfer, V0 mp3 download
FZ-OldMastersBox1[RPM2016].zip 471.0 MB

24/96 LP transfer, 24/96 FLAC download
FZ-OldMastersBox1[RPM2016][FLAC].zip 4.30 GB