Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Anthony Braxton / Derek Bailey ‎– Duo 2

Anthony Braxton / Derek Bailey ‎– Duo 2
  1. The Second Set (Part 1)
  2. The Second Set (Part 2)

Improvisations by Derek Bailey and Anthony Braxton

Derek Bailey: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Anthony Braxton: Flute, Soprano Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone

Recorded and Produced by Martin Davidson

Recorded live in London at the Wigmore Hall on June 30, 1974.

Emanem - 3314, 1975

24/96 LP transfer, V0 mp3 download
Braxton-Bailey-Duo2[RPM2014].zip 80.6 MB

24/96 LP transfer, 24/96 FLAC download
Braxton-Bailey-Duo2[RPM2014][FLAC].zip 652.3 MB


Anonymous said...

Cheers, porter_esq - you don't have by any chance the first album of this date, "Duo 1", with the rehearsal extract that hasn't been reissued on the CD?

-Otto- said...

Thank you, porter_esq!

Eigil said...

# 1 is available here: http://subradar.no/album/anthony-braxton-derek-bailey/first-duo-concert

Anonymous said...

It's in fact the material of #1 + #2 in CD format, but minus the rehearsal extract, didn't fit onto the CD.

furhead said...

Lucky, the rehearsal extracts - about 11 mins of music - are on this Emanem Derek Bailey - http://www.emanemdisc.com/E4027.html

DW said...

More Braxton! Thanks again!

Unknown said...