Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ronald Shannon Jackson And The Decoding Society ‎– Eye On You

Ronald Shannon Jackson And The Decoding Society ‎– Eye On You

  1. Sortie
  2. Nightwhistlers
  3. Apache Love Cry
  4. Shaman
  5. Eastern Voices / Western Dreams
  6. Dancers Of Joy
  7. Arising
  8. Orange Birthday
  9. Theme For A Prince
  10. Eye On You
  11. Ballet De Omphalos

Drums, Composer, Arranger – Ronald Shannon Jackson
Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Byard Lancaster
Electric Bass – Melvin Gibbs
Electric Guitar – Bern Nix
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Vernon Reid
Percussion – Erasto Vasconcelos
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Charles Brackeen
Violin – Billy Bang

Recorded at Sound Ideas, New York City

About Time Records ‎– AT-1003, 1980

24/96 LP transfer, V0 mp3 download
RonaldShannonJackson-EyeOnYou[RPM2014].zip 87.7 MB

24/96 LP transfer, 24/96 FLAC download
RonaldShannonJackson-EyeOnYou[RPM2014][FLAC].zip 833.1 MB


  1. Never thought I'd see this LP in such a very high quality hi-rez digital format. Thank you very much, porter_esq!

  2. Oh, thanks! I had this on vinyl, way way back, and I almost gave up on finding in now.

  3. I'd never heard of this one. What a lineup! Thanks.

  4. Dude, this has never gone out of print and is available on LP still. Despite the amazement professed in the comments above, you can google "Eye On You" "about time records" - and the *very first result* returned will be to the page for this on the About Time website.
    How hard do people look ? ...

    1. @ furhead: ???? This rip posted here is not a vinyl (analog) LP. It is in digital format, and I guess a digital version (44.1/16 - the standard CD format, or the version here at 96/24) never was available officially by About Time. If someone used to have an LP version of it but now lacks a turntable but possesses a computer, this is the way to go. This is what Scraps seems to tell us. So... what's your point, furhead?

  5. That is indeed what I meant, and really, if you weren't looking for a reason to be dissatisfied with people, you would assume, furhead.

  6. Otto, Scraps - I understood that this is a blog for out of print recordings. Not recordings that may be unavailable in the format in which I, you, or anyone else, prefer. Whilst I understand that makes things much less convenient if you have no turntable, my point is that this does not make the recording out of print. Rather the opposite - this album has never been out of print since it was issued in 1980.

  7. First, I didn't say it was out of print. That was another mishear on your part.

    Second, well, sir, I wasn't going to make it public about my issues, but: You say "less convenient", as always assuming that people are just unthinking. I have a stroke, paralyzed on the right side of my body, my language is very hard, and I am permanently disabled. I can't afford many of those things that I used to, to say the least. One of those things that I miss is a turntable, and records. So I was very happy when porter_esq came through with one of my favorites -- one than I has back in the day, and I bought it, like all Ronald Shannon Jackson records that I could find.

    "Peace", right. "How hard do people look?" How hard do people look to understand before judgment?

    1. Scraps, it might not even have been about you but instead it might just have been an unneeded jab at the name of the blog: "oop rpm". Now furhead can claim a "gotcha" moment all for himself by finding a post of a 33 1/3 rpm that is possibly NOT oop. Good for him!

  8. Thanks for giving me a chance to hear this record!