Sunday, July 6, 2014

Arthur Blythe - Illusions

Arthur Blythe - Illusions

All compositions by Arthur Blythe

1. Bush Baby
2. Miss Nancy
3. Illusions
4. My Son Ra
5. Carespin' With Mamie
6. As of Yet

Arthur Blythe - alto saxophone
tracks 1, 3, 5:
   Abdul Wadud - cello
   James Blood Ulmer - guitar
   Bob Stewart - tuba
   Bobby Battle - drums
tracks 2, 4, 6:
   John Hicks - piano
   Fred Hopkins - bass
   Steve McCall - drums

Recorded at CBS Recording Studios, New York in April & May 1980

Columbia ‎– JC 36583, 1980

24/96 LP transfer, V0 mp3 download
Blythe-Illusions[RPM2014].zip 70.9 MB

24/96 LP transfer, 24/96 FLAC download
Blythe-Illusions[RPM2014][FLAC].zip 678.8 MB


  1. Two great combos on this LP. Thank you!

  2. even though this made it to cd on koch after breakdown it hardly got any attention, and i love it more. a colossal album. like otto sez, two great bands that were great live (there's concert tape out there somewhere) and happily carried their greatness over to record, just such a joyful chemistry! for once, i didn't mind the back and forth between bands. great tunes. desert-island album! thanks for putting it up!

  3. Thank you! Will come back for sure, some good music in here.

  4. Playback on the embedded player sounds a bit slow. Is that the rip?

  5. Killer album!!!
    Cheers from France.