Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jamaaladeen Tacuma ‎– Renaissance Man

Jamaaladeen Tacuma ‎– Renaissance Man

All Compositions by Jamaaladeen Tacuma, except where indicated

1. Renaissance Man
    Cornet, African Flute – Olu Dara
2. Flash Back
3. Let's Have A Good Time
4. The Next Stop
5. Dancing In Your Head (Ornette Coleman, arr. Tacuma)
    Alto Saxophone – Ornette Coleman
    Electric Bass – Jamaaladeen Tacuma
    Electric Guitar – Charles Ellerbe
    Electronics [Dmx], Drum Programming – Greg Mann, Jamaaladeen Tacuma
    Percussion, Percussion [Electronic] – Ron Howerton
6. There He Stood
    Bass Guitar [Four And Five Stringed Steiberger], Bass [Peavey T-20 Lined Fretless] – Jamaaladeen Tacuma
    Handclaps – Daniel Ponce, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Verna Gillis
    Lyrics By [Poem], Narrator – Howie Montaug
    Percussion – Daniel Ponce
7. The Battle Of Images - In Four Movements
    Bass [Peavey T-20 Lined Fretless] – Jamaaladeen Tacuma
    Conductor – Bob Zollman
    Strings – Ebony String Quartet
    Violin – Cynthia Shoats, Kathleen Thomas
    Viola – Nina Wilkenson
    Cello – Aaron Henderson
    Timpani, Percussion – Bob Zollman
8. Sparkle
    Electric Bass – Jamaaladeen Tacuma
    Electric Guitar – Vernon Reid
    Tenor Saxophone – David Murray
    Drums – Bill Bruford
    Drums [African Gymbe] – Daryl Burgee

Tracks 1-4 (Jamaaladeen Tacuma featuring his band Jamaal)
Electric Bass, Electronics – Jamaaladeen Tacuma
Alto Saxophone – James R. Watkins
Electric Guitar – Rick Iannacone
Drums – Cornell Rochester

Track 1-4, 7 recorded at Studio 4, Philadelphia, 1983 
Track 5 recorded at Gramavision Recording Studio, New York, 1984 
Track 6 recorded at Sinus Musik, Berlin, Germany, 1983 
Track 8 recorded at Unique Recording Studio, New York, 1983 
Mixed at Gramavision Recording Studio, New York, 1984 

Gramavision ‎– GR 8308, 1984

24/96 LP transfer, V0 mp3 download
Tacuma–RenaissanceMan[RPM2014].zip 98.3 MB

24/96 LP transfer, 24/96 FLAC download
Tacuma–RenaissanceMan[FLAC][RPM2014].zip 917.6 MB


  1. i hope you haven't decided to call it a day, porter-eq! rather sad to see such quality rips without any feedback, really! these are tremendous treasures - you should go out and blow the horn - i put you on my bloglist, though...

    cheers, lucky

    1. Lucky -- thanks for the listing. I'm far from finished, just getting to these in fits and spurts. I appreciate the feedback, glad you are enjoying these transfers.

  2. i'm glad to hear that!

    to be honest, i convert your hi-fi rips to 1411-flacs to save some space - i don't have the equipment to hear a difference, really.


  3. Was an interesting album in the 80s, and it has withstood the test of time quite well. Thank you!